10 Low Cost Ways to Stage Your Home Like A Pro

These interior design secrets are surprisingly simple and affordable ways to make your potential buyers say “wow”! 


Purchase a new door mat. 

A great first impression starts with the minute someone steps foot into your home. A new, welcoming doormat can help to set the stage for an impressive showing. 


Hang a new wreath on the door. 

Similarly, a new and seasonal wreath can add a touch of design upon entrance. 


Apply a fresh coat of paint. 

Fresh paint can make a big difference in terms of adding brightness to a room. Neutral colors – including whites, creams and grays – set an elegant, modern tone while adding a bit of glow. 


Add in throw pillows. 

Throw pillows and blankets can define the look and feel of a room while adding an element of comfort and warmth. 


Start packing early. 

Buyers can lose the ability to dream about the possibility of living in your home if there is too much clutter or distracting furniture. Simple is best, and removing excess items from countertops and closets can help create a sense of openness and minimize distractions. 


Replace old door knobs. 

New door knobs and cabinet handles are a very affordable way to completely change the look of a room. These small accent pieces can have a big impact in terms of creating a fresh and modern look. 


Power wash exteriors. 

Power washing the driveway, sidewalk areas and exterior siding on your home can brighten the look of paint and clear away any dirt or debris that may look less than appealing. 


Upgrade lighting. 

Potential buyers may drive by to see your house at night. Upgrade your outdoor lighting to add a sense of safety. Accent lights can add an attractive dramatic effect as well. 


Plant new flowers. 

Curb appeal means a lot. Fresh and vibrant flower beds can add a pop of color and charm.


Purchase a new mailbox. 

A clean and well-maintained mailbox can add curb appeal to your property as well. When exposed to different weather conditions, mailboxes are prone to dirt and grime build-up. Consider cleaning or replacing your mailbox so that it looks clean and fresh.